From a Dead End to Adventure: We Always Have a Choice

When wandering onto a French island at the edge of the South Pacific, I found myself feeling stuck. But after exercising my freedom of choice, I ended up on one of my greatest travel adventures.

Aaron Ramirez

6 minute read

I’ve been in 4 different countries within the past month, which is a break-neck pace for me. I am winding up my travels as I get closer to winding down within the coming weeks. I’ll be transitioning away from backpacking for a while. And one of the countries that I was saving “for last” and anticipating the most, has been New Caledonia. A French territory found at the western edge of the South Pacific Ocean, lying nearly as far as possible from mainland France. Yet soon after I traveled the vast…

To Truly Cherish the Things That are Important to You, You Must First Discard

While living out of a backpack, I found there were possessions that I must part with, in order to truly appreciate the items that I love most.

Aaron Ramirez

4 minute read

As I prepare to depart for my next destination within Indonesia, I begin to lay down all of my belongings—the entirety of what I have been carrying on me during my travels. And there is something here that has been troubling me. This something is a pair of board shorts.

Being Reminded of How Little I Really Know Saved Me from Jadedness

Just when I was beginning to feel that I had everything figured out, many of my preconceived notions and expectations that I’ve accumulated through traveling have been placed upside down—or possibly, right-side-up. I share the story of this humbling experience, which has saved me from jadedness.

Aaron Ramirez

5 minute read

When my plane landed in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I knew I was better off flying in from Bangkok than taking a mini-bus this time around. A 1 hour hop, instead of 9 hours stuffed into a sweltering van. I swiftly pass my co-passengers to the front of the immigration queue, because I knew to have the proper paperwork and photo ready for my visa-on-arrival. I knew to keep a crisp 100 dollar bill on me in order to avoid the high ATM fees at the airport. And I knew how to talk my way into getting a free…